Updated every day, Insurance Asset Risk covers outsourcing trends for insurance companies, asset allocation, risk management, regulation, SAA/ALM and more.

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Insurance Asset Risk is a source of news and analysis published by Field Gibson Media. It focuses on insurers’ investment strategies and the asset side of their balance sheets.

With an estimated $28trn in assets under management, insurers are amongst the largest institutional investors globally. Through their investments they not only guarantee the liquidity to pay claims as they arise and alleviate risk in society, but they also contribute to shaping the world of tomorrow, by helping to fund the financing gap of public projects, and driving sustainability.

The financial industry has spearheaded the transition to a low carbon economy, and insurers have been at the forefront of that movement.
With such important issue at stake, the way insurers assess market risk to design and implement their strategic asset allocation is crucial to the well being of our economies and societies.

Insurance Asset Risk provides chief investment officers and insurance investment professionals insight into the latest macro-economic, market and regulatory developments to help inform their decisions. Our content comes in the form of daily independent news and analysis, as well as conferences, webinars and roundtables.

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